God Love And Fear

This is an article that will express the idea that not everything in those books we classify as Holy, is fit to teach. That statement will obviously rub you the wrong way, if you believe something different.

Why would anyone listen to me, instead of “The Word Of God?”

Well dispute the fact that I’m probably talking to a deaf ear, there is always the possibility that there is someone out there who feels the truth inside of them, but is getting no conformation of this truth from within their religious organization. Some people are ready to move upward, beyond the confines of the limited concepts their religion puts forth. This article is for those people.

Love and respect are two different words and vibrational realities. If you think your holy book meant that you should respect God,..when it says or implies you should fear God, then you are left with more than just a theological misunderstanding. They are two very different vibrational realities, and it is a very big and clear mistake for a book to make, which claims to be infallible. Additionally, one has to wonder if this mistake is not just the tip of a very big iceberg which constitutes all the possible mistakes and contradictions within your holy book!

As a starting point, I would ask you to visualize and think of the most fearful thoughts and nightmares you can possibly conceive of. Then once you have them firmly in your mind, I want you to love them!

Yes, embrace your worst nightmares and fears and love them. How are you doing? How are you feeling?

If you couldn’t do the exercise, it’s because you either didn’t want to fill your mind with that stuff, or you could not bring yourself to love what you fear and despise!

Clearly then, “love is not fear, and fear is not love”

Your mind can only think one thought at a time, and experience the emotion that one thought causes you to feel. This means that any time your focused on fear, you have just separated yourself from love, because they are so far apart vibrationally, that you might as well call them opposites.

God is love, therefore, anytime someone is leading you to thoughts of fear, then they are leading you away from love, and away from God (of course that is technically impossible, but you get the picture.)!

Love is unifying, positive, inclusive, accepting and cooperative. Fear is negative, divisive, alienating, segregating and separating. What man of God would intentionally try to separate the people of his congregation away from God?

Preaching the fear of God, or the fear of anything else, is an act separation from love, and only those who “know not what they do,” would consider it an act of faith!

Caution and concern may be motivated out of love, but they are not love itself!
Fear, and respect, for God may be motivated by love, but they are not love itself!

The message is clear then,..”preach only what you are,…which is love.”Only those who do not know what they are, would preach anything else!