Related To God #4

In my last article and I discussed the idea that the things which make up all physical and spiritual reality, are fabricated from one substance called the “base particle of creation.” All things are essentially at some point, made of the “same thing,” leading to the conclusion that all things are “one thing!”

In this article I want to discuss the nature of God which can be seen in part by the laws which govern the natural world, and ourselves. God is “All That Is,” and while that description is simple and all-inclusive, it doesn’t seem to satisfy the mind looking for more detailed answers. Obviously, because of the magnitude of God’s nature, we will only hit the relevant highlights in this article. What follows is a mixture of deduction, fact, and opinion.

Everything within creation is designed, created and supported by some form of intelligence. In nature we see animals, plants and birds, all of which seem to have some form of natural inborn programming. This programming goes right down to the cellular level, because we as have discussed previously, big things in life are built up from a vast number of smaller things. The intelligence you see occurring in large life forms, is in part due to the intelligence within them at the cellular genetic level. Intelligence however, works in conjunction with energy, which is vibrational and is responsible for motion. Thought is the act of intelligence acting upon knowledge. Thought energizes knowledge, and when mixed with desire, becomes “will,” which in God’s case, becomes a projection outward of energy and motion, creating the idea of time, and spiritual and physical reality.

Gods nature is consciousness, and is a combination of intelligence, knowledge, and energy, which are the basis of thought, which when projected energetically into creation, becomes God’s will, based on it’s desire. This energetic projection is vibrational motion, which allows for the ability of time to exist once two or more discernible aspects of reality have been created. God is the source of all vibrational reality and because God is infinite, so too is its range of vibrational frequency. God can match any frequency since it is “all vibrational frequency,” therefore, while God could match our frequency, we cannot match God’s frequency because of its magnitude. Thus we can only relate to God within the limited frequency range of the human form. Of course we’re more than just a human form, but we will stick with that for now.

God’s consciousness then, consists of energy and vibration, but what about love?

Love is the recognition of divine attributes within ourselves and another, and divinity has its origin in God. People experience love emotionally, which is the physical effect of energy and vibration acting on our bodies, to produce a feeling of euphoria. Is import a remember that God is “one thing, and all things at the same time.” God is the ocean filled with an infinite number of drops of water, each of which is an ocean of sorts, in its own right.

The most important concept to remember about God is that, “God is love, it’s all God and, God loves itself.”

God “becomes what it creates, and therefore, loves what it creates.”

God loves itself, now if we could just get people to love “themselves,” then they would find it easier to love each other, and God.