Related To God #3

Once a person has established a pattern of quieting the mind, they have then proven their ability to acknowledge the existence of their ego, control its urgings, and transcend its promptings in favor of thoughts and actions based on love. Once you become aware of your ego and have brought it under control, you are ready to move on to the activity of increasing your base of knowledge about “ultimate reality,” which exists everywhere as spirit and the physical. By increasing your knowledge base, you’ll be able to recognize the highest version of truth when you hear it.

Understand that, since life is individually and collectively, both theoretical and experiential, so will your truth be individual, collective, theoretical and experiential. Only the truth held by God, is unyielding and equal to the way things really are within creation. One of the very first pieces of knowledge I will present to you is this truth.

” All of creation is composed of one thing!”

Creation itself is composed of one thing, which takes on the forms you see all around you. If you find this hard to believe or understand, then try this exercise. Envision in your mind one trillion containers of different shapes and sizes, then fill them all with water. Did you have any trouble “mentally,” with  the idea of having a single substance (water)  conform to the shape and size of every container?

As a result of that mental experiment, you can see that one substance, (water) “can” become a trillion different shapes and sizes. In our example, the containers defined the shape and form the water takes on. In life, our thoughts and emotions are the pattern that define the form that will be created by the single substance which I call the “base particle of creation,” and which others call the “God particle, or Higgs Bosen particle.” The base particle of creation is the building block of all reality, which resides vibrationally lower than the level of thought which created it.

Once a person is able to comprehend that everything they are seeing is built up from the building block of a single particle of extremely small size, then they are at the turning point in their life where they can start looking at life differently, and entertaining new thoughts about it. For example, what conclusions can you draw about heaven and hell, good and evil, God and the devil, once you know that there are not two things within creation, but only one thing! What causes the one thing to be both good and evil if indeed they even are? Well that is food for thought and another article.