Related To God #2

In my last article, I spoke about the idea of a persons ego being a key factor in whether or not they will institute a search for God. There are other factors which come into play, and most of them are just as unbelievable as the idea of God itself, to those people of little desire, faith, and belief. So lets assume for a moment that you are neutral to positive in your attitude toward the possibility of finding God,…what then?

Neutrality is as good a starting point as any, because it is a balanced condition that aligns with the way natural law works. So from a place of neutrality, you can begin your search.

Meditation is a good place to start, because when you sit quietly or lay down, you will suddenly feel and hear all the noise in the form of thoughts, going through your mind. These thoughts reveal to you, the control or lack of control, you have over your thought processes. While you are sitting or laying there, your ego created and driven thoughts become magnified by the silence and inactivity, and the lack of control you are able to exert over them becomes very obvious. A balanced condition, must be a peaceful condition, and peace does not exist in the midst of mental turmoil!

Control is gained over your mind and your ego, by giving up control,…not by fighting for it. As thoughts come to you, let them drift in from one part of your mind and disappear out the other, just as if there were two doors in your mind. Try to achieve a feeling of detached observation, just as if you were standing apart from yourself, watching yourself meditate.You are a watcher, nothing more, and you watch the thoughts which cross your mind, but you never engage them.This process will take repetition in order for you to notice a reduction in the amount of thoughts coming to you and eventually, you’ll be able to meditate and have “few to no” thoughts interrupting your peaceful state.

Once you can meditate, you’ll notice the difference in your mind’s state of being during meditation, and the periods of time outside of that. You will then be able to see and feel the full effect of your ego in your daily affairs. Meditation has many health benefits, but its greatest benefit is to quiet the ego mind so that you can discern more subtle levels of vibrational communication. This activity is only part of the process of joining with God on a conscious level, and I want to make it clear that, the only reason you have to “find God,” is because you think you do! God is not lost!

God is not lost, it is only lost to you, personally! Many other people know exactly where God is, and so will you, once you have achieved enough desire to get some background information, and do some activities geared to increasing your receptivity. None of this is new information for anyone, it may only seem new because you have forgotten a lot of what you knew when you were it spirit, but that’s another part of the story, so I will end this article here.

Your desire to find God will show itself in your ability to meditate on a consistent basis, until you have reached that point where you have no desire to stop because it feels so good.