God’s Love For Humanity

Sanora, will you explain the truth about God’s love for humanity?

Certainly my son, it will be our pleasure to enlighten you in that area.

God has a nature which can be described as all loving, all-knowing, all-seeing, all feeling, and all experience.

God is, “All That Is,” and it is equal to everything that implies. How can humanity be assured that they are unconditionally loved by God?

They can be assured they are loved, once they realize that they are created aspects of God, who loves itself as equally as you love yourself.

Nothing exists but God itself in all its various forms. Humanity may be unique in their configuration, however, their source is the same as every other form of materiality within creation. People do not love their left hand and not their right, or love their foot and not their hand. It’s all the same body, and it is all you. The same situation applies to God, meaning that it’s all the same creation, and all God. What basis would God have for loving one part of itself, and not another?

I repeat, what basis would God have for loving one part of itself, and not another?

Love is the highest vibrational reality, because love is God. The approach to God is through the vibrational path of love which is the shortest most direct path to God. All paths lead to God simply because there is no other destination. Other paths can be more arduous than love, being less direct, and possibly more fraught with experience. Coming home to God along the path of “fear,” will gather experience, but not joy! Eventually when people have had enough separation, enough depression, and enough fear, they will move out of fear of their own accord, and along the path of love.

God loves itself, of that you can be assured, and because it does, it also loves everything it has become.

God “is humanity,” and it knows that it is. Humanity however, is still not aware of who, or what it is, and so it hopes there is a God who is loving, and who loves humanity. If people were certain of their origins, then science and religion would have no need to explore life for the source of its being.

God loves “itself,” now all people have to do is learn to love “themselves!”