The Secret to Why You Can’t Overcome Your Problems

Remember, we are always comparing beliefs, and so when you hear a point of view that strongly goes against what you believe, it becomes an opportunity to learn “something!”

Problems are something that everyone would say they know something about, so it is as relevant a topic for discussion as anything we could talk about, and maybe more important than most.

You have an outdoor wedding planned, and your about to get married when it starts to cloud over, then begins to pour down rain like it will never stop.

You’re a farmer with a crop in the field which has not received any rain, and which is on the point of being ruined when it clouds over, and begins to pour down rain like it will never stop.

Is life really a problem, or is it our attitude that is the problem?

Subtract people from the equation, and does life have any problems? People seem to be the common denominator when it comes to problems.

Here is a secret that you can tell everyone. Life just “is!”

The natural world has “events,” and rhythmic cycles, not “beliefs,” which become the birthplace of problems. My question to you is this,…”if the natural world does not have a problem with it, then why do you?”

Ahhhh you are LORD over the natural world,…I see,…now it is starting to make sense. Because you are lord over the natural world, it should be made to conform to your ideas and beliefs of how things should be!

Well what if your ideas of how things should be don’t conform to your neighbors idea of how they should be, then what?

“Houston,…we have a problem!”

The natural world can not easily be made over, it’s reality is fixed by the laws of physics which created and support it, and they have to be altered in some manner, in order to be able to change the natural order of things.

Our beliefs, which manufacture our problems, can be changed and we can go from thinking something is a problem, to believing it is no longer a problem.

Lets look at a few principles that have to do with accomplishing that action.

1/ You can only think one thought at a time, so make it a joyful thought.

2/ Negative emotions feel bad, vibrationally align with fear, and tell you that your way off the path to your highest good.

3/ The longer you can focus your mind on a joyful thought or thing, the closer you come to creating it in your life.

4/ Thoughts are creative, therefore, as you think, so shall it be.

5/ Your thinking has created within you, a “personal dominate vibration,” which ranges from low, to neutral, to high.

6/ “Becoming” more, allows you to “do” more, which lets you “have” more.

7/ Focus and pour your energy into what you want, and withdraw your energy from what you don’t want.

8/ Accept and love yourself as you are, but become fixated on what you want to become.

9/ The highest emotions you feel lead to and support, the vibrationally highest, creative aspirations.

10/ Nothing, including dying, is a problem unless you first convince yourself it is.

11/ Stop seeing life as a set of problems to be solved, and start seeing life as a set of conditions to be enjoyed.

To wrap this up lets just say that, ya, maybe to the uninitiated this all sounds kind of fluffy, but the correct principles are all there. Whether or not you can bring yourself to use them for your own benefit, will reveal to you exactly how much control you have over your own thought processes.