The Abolition of Fear

How many undesirable human conditions could be eliminated if people were able to dismiss fear from their lives?

Fear has become so insidiously interwoven into the tapestry of our lives that we no longer easily recognize it for what it is. It is the root cause of an innumerable set of false conclusions and desperate actions. Have you ever asked yourself how much of your activity is motivated by fear instead of joy? Try this simple test for yourself, and see what your results are. It is very revealing.

Imagine for a few moments that you are suddenly the only person on earth!

Aside from the fact that this would create a whole new group of survival concerns for you, consider what that would mean with regards to the fears you now hold. How many of your existing fears would melt into nothingness if you were the only person on earth? I’ll bet the greater part of them would suddenly vanish, because most of your fears are related to “people.” After the fears which are related to survival, comes the fear of people. It is man’s second greatest fear, and it goes mostly unrecognized.

Who among us likes to admit that we’re afraid of people?

That admission alone places us outside the norm of society, (or so we think), which is the last place fearful people want to be. In truth, the fear of other people is rampant within society, and most people socialize within a very small tight-knit group of people they feel safe and comfortable with, which allows them to feel “normal.” The point of this article is to identify a major source of fear within people, and secondly, to assure you that you are normal, and not abnormal in having those fears. We are saying here that most people “do” have fears, not that you “should” have fears, there is a distinct difference.

What is the answer? How do we move from the state of fear, to one of no fear?

Well if you are headed north in your car and you now want to go south, what do you do? Just turn around and head in the opposite direction! Is that too simplistic for you? Yeah, you can’t create a seven-year university course of study in psychiatry and charge thousands and thousands of dollars and issue a Ph.D. on completion, based on information like that. First you have to ask questions like,

“So tell me Mr. Smith, why do you feel the need to move in another direction?”
” How long have you had this urge?”
” What would it feel like if you were able to move in that direction?”
” How would that impact your life?”

Are you getting the picture? Okay then we’ll move on.

The opposite of north is south, and the opposite of fear is love. To cure your “fear” of people, you need to develop a “love” of people. The answer is simple and obvious, however, the action of doing it can be a little more involved than that. In the first place, which of us would admit they don’t love people? Not many people I think, and so the first obstacle is the realization that you don’t love everyone, and the second obstacle is being able to admit that.

This situation remains hidden because most people have a small tight-knit group of people they say they love and therefore, they consider themselves to be loving individuals,…” even though there are seven billion other people in the world to love!”

Expressed mathematically this means that you’d “do not” love roughly 99.999% of all the people in the world.

Yet you still consider yourself to be a loving person! Additionally, if you do not love the balance of the remaining people in the world, there has to be reason, especially with regards to the people who surround you every day.

People are more fearful then they’ll admit to, and less loving than they would have people believe!

All a person has to do in order to turn that around is to admit the truth to themselves. Those people who have to hide the truth, are not ready to move out of fear and into the reality of love and joy.

If you can truly love just one person, then you can love everyone, because, “we are all the same at the core.”