Is It Time For You To Bail

Christianity is loosing members because of the inconsistency of its beliefs. As they do, their existing base of believers will become even more militant in their beliefs, in order to stop the tide of “defectors,” who feel they can no longer grow within an organization whose beliefs words and actions, are so restrictive and inconsistent with what they “say” they believe.

Where will those people go in order to learn and grow in consciousness and love?

Well,…any place but here! Get me out of here! Some of them will be scooped up by science, who is now the “religion of demonstration!”

Whatever you might say about science,… they do work hard and successfully at being able to demonstrate to people the validity of their work.

Because so much of it is good and valid, they take their reputation and leverage it to include not only what they know and can demonstrate, but also what they “think they know, and are in the process of demonstrating!”

This equates to “trust me,…we know what we’re talking about, just look at our track record compared to that of religion.”

“There is no heart in science however,” and just like the powers that be, who promised to look after all our interests, science is off doing whatever works for science, and what works for the people who provide all the funding which keeps science in its place of growing power.

At the top of the religious / scientific pyramid, religion and science serve themselves first and foremost. Anything that comes humanities way it just spillage, or the workings of the trickle down effect of gravity.

As religion tries to stem the tide of defectors they are finding that the baseless threats that worked for them 2000 years ago, are not working as well now. The consciousness and vibration of the planet is higher than ever before, and it takes an ideology of higher vibration to satisfy the longings of people.

Just look at the militancy of the various religious groups around the world. Religion in many corners of the world is just a way for someone to get off the street and become a “somebody” within an organization, where yesterday they were a nobody!

Even in the western world people are doing the exact same thing, by carving out a group of believers and followers, having no more education or authority to do so, than is in the 2000 year old book they carry around.

Oh and by the way,…it’s not how much of the book you know and can recite to others, which gives a person authority, it is how much of the “vibrationally highest parts of it, ( the loving parts, in case you’re not familiar with those parts of your bible!) you follow yourselves,” which counts for anything!