Energy Is What Causes Us To like Some People And Not Others

Why do we instantly take a liking to some people and not others? Actually there is only one reason, and that reason is “energy.” Energy however, takes on all forms, so at another level, the reasons seem to be varied and many.

Take for example the concept that “subconsciously” you have it in your mind that, “acceptable looking” people will fall within a given range, determined solely by you. Outside of that range they will be too fat, skinny, tall, short, beautiful, or ugly, to qualify to interact with you. You have “standards,” that you may not even be consciously aware of.

Your first conscious move will be to shift your focus to their face. We are all extremely adept at reading body language, and we are looking at their face in order to determine how approachable they are. Do they appear to be happy and smiling, which would indicate to us that they are in a social mood and are probably friendly, or do they have a scowl on their face, advertising that they should be left alone?

What are they wearing? Are they wearing cloths of a style and color that you would not be caught dead in? Colors are representations of a range of vibrational frequency, and affect your state of being. We are speaking of a characteristic of energy here.

Then of course, eventually a person will open their mouth and begin to speak! Now this applies to either a man or a woman. Do they have a pleasant deep resonating voice that appeals to you, or a high-pitched squeaky voice, that doesn’t fit their character? Hearing and seeing something that doesn’t match up in your mind, can be irritating to you. Sound waves are another form of vibrational energy, that affect us sometimes in a profound way, especially in the case of music.

What are the words they choose to use that reveals the content of their conversation? Do they use rough coarse language to express themselves, or are they more refined? Words are symbols for “all,” reality, and as such, they are vibrational in nature, because they represent aspects of reality which are vibrational.

Are they energetically positive or negative in nature? Overall, do you feel that the energy they exhibit “adds” to your feeling of well-being, or detracts from it? After listening to a positive person speak for a while, you will feel uplifted, which is why we all love to be around them, of course negative people are just the opposite, and drain our energy, which is why we run the other way when we see them coming!

So it’s all energy in one form or another, and when you become familiar with the fact that all life is a form of energy, including ourselves, then life becomes much simpler and easier to deal with. It takes a lot of the mystery out of why people do what they do. Of course nothing is as totally simple as that, but you get the picture I think.