Right Wrong And Morality Without God

Currently there is a struggle going on inside and outside of religion with regards to the question of whether people need God in order to know right from wrong, or to be moral people.

I will express my knowing on this subject, and it will probably not go down well with some people.

In the first place, there is no such reality as right and wrong! Lets get that straight right from the start. If you think there is, then I’m “right,” and your “wrong!” Sorry,…couldn’t resist that one.

In actual fact, I was serious, there is no such thing as right and wrong. Look out into the vastness of the universe which we can now see more of with our satellite telescopes. When you do, how much of it is right, and wrong? Remove man from the Earth, and leave everything else just as it is, now how much of it is right and wrong?

Right and wrong are concepts in the way that time is a concept. They are human thought constructions, and when you remove humanity from the equation, all you have left is the natural order of things. Life “Is.” Everything else is an “add on” by us.

If you must have a definition of right and wrong then throw away your dictionary. The correct definition of right is, “that which aligns itself with ultimate reality,” which by definition is “the truth of God,” which is the same as God itself.

Only that which “is” God, can be equal to God in all it’s ways. Therefore, “wrong,” is anything below that level, which becomes the level of subjective and experiential truth.

Now we will change tack here, and move from right and wrong, to the reality of love, and the illusion of fear. I will be expressing ideas in terms of what I know to be true.

God is “All That Is,” and is love itself. God is love, and creation is a construction created and upheld by love. Morality, right and wrong, good and evil, are all human mind constructions which reveal an individuals personal alignment of their consciousness, with the love that created and supports all creation.

It was no accident that Jesus spoke so much about love, and spoke about loving God as mightily as you can, and loving your neighbor as yourself.

Do we need God to know what is right and what is wrong, or to be moral people?

This is a totally ridiculous question, from my perspective. Just take the beginning of that question which is, “do we need God?”

The answer is this: If your consciousness is distanced “vibrationally,” so far from God that you can not even fathom it’s existence, then you are definitely in no position to determine “anything,” for anyone else other than yourself! You are still so heavily trapped within the illusory nature of this environment that, your truth is all based in the physically manifested reality which you see all around you.

“Morality can’t be seen,” and since you have proven to yourself and others that you don’t need God, “because it does not exist,” then you are in no position to make accurate decisions about anything else which can’t be seen!

You have proven your lack of ability in that area,..and whats more,…your proud of it!

No my friend, those who can’t believe in an intangible God over here, certainly can not believe in the intangible nature of morality over there! You all want to be able to have your cake and eat it too. Sorry, it doesn’t work like that.

Now a little insight for those who can grasp it. We are eternal beings and have a wealth of knowledge and experience which is held within our over soul. That knowledge and a sense of morality, are your personal urgings to align with love, and come through to you as the inner directions from your soul.

Each of us gets these urgings and promptings and think “hey, that’s me,..I must be a pretty smart and moral guy, or girl,” and you are, we all are. What you don’t realize is that your sense of morality comes from that place which you and your ego have been denying with all your being!

Yet, at the same time you have no answers as to where all these moral concepts come from!

So to wrap this all up, I’ll spell it out. God exists, you exist, your over soul exists, and love is the vibrationally highest energetic force within creation. Morality is an individuals consciousness, lining up with some vibrational level of love energy. Obviously We are expressing different awareness levels, with regards to the environment were living in, and see it differently.

If people have different levels of sensitivity to the environment their living in, then they come to different conclusions about what is moral and what is not! Those who have the greatest sensitivity and awareness to the vibration of love, would be the most moral people.

Those people believe in God.


Mind Wanderings

My dear God in heaven,
help me come know your love.
you’re the creator of all the Earth,
and of every thing above.

Let your love rain down upon us,
and your light show us the way,
help us rise above those troubles,
which seem to find us every day.

Let us remember all your precepts,
when we struggle with the foe,
for it is only “then,” we practice,
all we think we’ve come to know.

I wish oh lord, for peace to reign,
in place of grief and strife,
that the vision held by Christ,
may come in fullness to our lives.