Sanora On Consciousness

Sanora, are you there?

Yes, greetings my son, how are you on this winters evening?

Fine thanks.

Wonderful. How then may we be of service to you my son?

Well Sanora, I have been trying to figure out the relationship that exists between consciousness, intelligence and energy, and I get close but I don’t feel like I have nailed it yet, can you help me out on this?

Most certainly my son, we’ll do what we can to be of service to you.

We would begin by saying that consciousness is a mufti-faceted phenomenon, being the result of the combination of intelligence and thought. This is the proverbial chicken or the egg scenario, which leads us to ask the question, “which comes first, intelligence or thought?” In order to determine the answer to that question we will take a look at thought and intelligence individually, in order to see what we can come up with.

It is our knowing that thought is an action that cannot occur, unless there’s some energetic force driving it, and intelligence is that force. At the highest level of universe reality which is the Creator, intelligence must exist as more than just potential, it must exist as all knowledge, for without knowledge, intelligence would exist in a vacuous state, and have no power behind it. Therefore, knowledge is the power behind intelligence, which when activated, becomes thought.

When intelligence acts upon knowledge, creating the process we call thought, it becomes a projection of energy, which in the case of the Creator, moves out into creation becoming the Creators will, and instantly manifesting reality’ according to the design within the thought. It should be understood that every creation by the Creator is instantaneous, because in reality, there is nothing external going on at anytime. All creation is taking place within the Creator itself.

We therefore have a situation where, the Creator and the creation are one and the same, not two separate realities. To understand this more easily just consider creation to be your cloths closet, and your readjustment and relocation of clothing within the closet, is similar to creating new changes within creation. You’ll notice that you were able to make changes within your closet internally, while your closet itself, remained the same externally. This is how it is with the Creator.

Creation at this point in time is not empty, but rather it is filled with energy, and it is this energy which is the medium by which the Creators thought is brought into reality.

Understand also that physical reality did not always exist, and we’re talking now about our current state of reality within creation, a state that has material reality within it, and as a consequence of that, we are able to utilize the idea of time. Are you following me my son?

Yes I think I’m getting it.

Good and then we shall continue. Now, into this mix of knowledge, intelligence, and thought we will introduce the idea of self-awareness. This is what we will call the “I Am factor.” Self awareness is the contemplation of self, it is thought projected inward upon oneself. One might even say that it is a part of the reasoning process. When we try to reason or deduce something, then we’re turning our thought process is inward upon ourselves. You have probably heard the phrase, “I think, therefore, I am,” which more appropriately should be phrased, “I am, therefore, I think.” However, as far as the Creator is concerned, knowledge, intelligence, self-awareness, thought, and energy, all exist “simultaneously,” as characteristics which make up the nature of the Creator itself.

So to answer your question, we will say that consciousness exists as the result of knowledge, intelligence, self-awareness, and thought, all working together synergistically, to impact the energy within creation, for the purpose of bringing about some form of change within it.

Have we served you well my son?

Yes that was great Sanora thank you.

You’re most welcome my son. Now, if there’s nothing further, we will take our leave. Peace, love and joy, unto you and yours.