The Pathway Of The Heart

Coming to know God is an activity of the heart. You could pour all the knowledge of the bible, the church, or the world over people, for them to partake in, and it would mean nothing to a person who does not have a heartfelt yearning to know God. This is why people who convert to Christianity out of a “fear of God,” instead of a love of God, remained unchanged. This is also why God and spirituality seem foolish to those who have no heartfelt desire to know God.

When we draw closer to God, he draws closer to us, and gives us something we previously did not have, that being, an increased desire to know God, and the spiritual wisdom to make sense out of that which formerly appeared to us as nonsense. Our willingness and desire, felt and experienced at the level of our heart, is the narrow gate refered to in the bible. God is “found through activities of the heart,” not the mind, which represents worldly action and understanding.

Are you able to, rationally and logically, “love” your wife, husband, or children?

There are some realities which are invisible and are the domain of the heart. God is “All That Is,” but our personal relationship with it, is through the activities of our heart, not our mind. Try it, and you’ll notice that the whole time you’re communing with God at the level of your heart, that sin, hell and the devil will not even be an issue. Once they do become an issue, then it is an indication that you have moved out of the level of your heart, and back into your mind once again, and are once more trying to experience and understand God using the thinking and wisdom of the world.

Those who do not love God, would certainly not bend a knee, or bow their head in subjugation to God. Those who are still in their mind want to encounter God at their level, on their own terms, which means at the level of the mind. Some of these people show more reverence for their own mother and father, then the creator of the whole cosmos! There is nothing wrong with a humbling oneself before the creator of the universe. If you can’t do that, there is no humbleness in you at all, only arrogance!

Finding God means first getting your ego under control, then it means developing a genuine desire to find God on its own terms, not ours, and finally it means getting out of our minds and into our hearts, in order to find and commune with God. If you get anything out of this writing it should be that, “the heart is the doorway to spiritually higher knowledge and experience of God.” The mind represents the world’s attempt to draw closer to God through worldly means, such as, “symbols, rituals, laws, and fear,” all of which are lower in vibration, then through the pathway of the heart.

If you want to know and experience God, you can, “by being out of your mind!”