Definition: Pantheism is the belief that God consists of everyone and everything. For example, a tree is God, a mountain is God, the universe is God, all people are God.

Pantheism is found in many “nature” religions and is held by many New Age followers.

Christianity refutes pantheism. Christianity says that God created everything, not that he is everything or that everything is God. While Christianity teaches that God is omnipresent, or exists everywhere, it separates the Creator from his creations.

Pronunciation: PAN thee izm

Example: People who believe in pantheism think God is the world around them.


“Christianity says that God created everything”

Lets look at that statement for a moment, because it it typical of the nonsense and mental gymnastics that Christians perform in order to make sense of their religious beliefs. I will coin the phrase “Pretzel Theology” because of the way that some Christians have to twist their theology around in order for it to make sense!

I believe as Christians do that God created everything. But I would ask Christians,…“out of what?”

Out of what was already in existence?

That means then that some aspects of creation are just as immortal, infinite and divine as God, and were right there in the beginning, along with God,…so who created them then?

If God created them out of himself, because God  was the only reality,  then what he created has more in common with God than differences.

Is this important? Well if you are off the mark of your compass heading by just one degree, it might not mean too much over a distance of five feet, but it sure will make a difference over a distance of 500 miles! This means that little errors in our thinking can sometimes have huge consequences.

The bible is great if it is used properly, it is not a substitute for reason, or intelligence. Only fear would cause a person to be so paranoid about being led astray.

If Christians have anything in common with each other, it is their love of fear, they wallow in it, promote it, and they worship it, more than anything else, including  the bible and Christ!