You cannot understand love while you are in the midst of fear, and when you “are”, feeling love and fully expressing it, then there is no room in your life for fear. The amount of love you are feeling and expressing, is inversely proportional to your preoccupation with fear.

This means that those Christians who spend half their time promoting love, and the other half of their time promoting fear in the name of love, are neither fully loving, nor fully fearful. A person can not be one thing or the other, until they fully commit themselves to an idea. Once committed to an idea, a direction, and a feeling, there is no more room in your life for anything that does not match that vision.

Christianity is just a movement you can join that makes no real requirements on you, for if it did, this movement which professes to be based on the love of It’s leader, Jesus Christ, would have to close itself down for failing to fulfill its own prime directive. Obviously if you are out on the street one moment, then a Christian convert sitting in church the next moment, how much of your consciousness his changed? If I pin a campaign button on my chest that’s says “democrat,” does that make me a democrat? If I carry a bible, does that make me a Christian?

If you must read the bible because you cannot trust your own senses to define the nature of reality for yourself, then not only are you not qualified to interpret the validity of my beliefs, but I doubt you’re even qualified to interpret the validity of what you’re reading in your own bible.

I don’t want to insult you but, the fact of the matter is that, a person is just as ignorant no matter which side of the street they are standing on, and crossing over from one side to the other does not result in instant enlightenment.