What If Why How Come

If there is only God, and you believe in God, are you on the right on track?

If there is God, and Jesus Christ “is God, ” and you believe in God, or Jesus, are you on the right on track?

Can you believe in God, and Jesus Christ, without making use of the bible?

Is the new trinity, God, Jesus Christ and the bible?

Can you be a Christian without the bible?

If the bible is a means to an end, and you have found the end, do you still need the means?

If Jesus was God, and the laws were based on Gods desires for man, why did jesus have to study them?

If time lived on Earth increases your chance of sinning, then isn’t it best to become a Christian and become forgiven of your sins at the last possible moment of your life, thereby reducing your chances of committing further sins?

If what Jesus was saying wasn’t important enough to write down accurately while he was here, why was it suddenly important much later, when it was harder to be accurate?

How come you could become a Christian in the days “before” the bible was completely written, …what’s up with that?

If your salvation is between God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and you, why are there so many other people throwing in their two cents worth?