Looking At The Doctrin Of Sin

What is sin? Does it exist universally, or is it just an idea that has been planted in the minds of people, and has taken root?

There are principles which define, create, and control all of creation, and which have authority over theories. I’m going to put forth some ideas which, are your own beliefs and truths, which you have interwoven with fiction, in order to validate some other aspect of your reality that you have become attached to.

God is the single source of all creation.
We are “of” God, possibly a sub creation, but of God nevertheless.

God is, “All That Is.”
A God which is the single source of all creation, can only produce that creation from the only thing in existence, which is “itself.” Therefore, everything is not only “of” God, but “is” God in part.

God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
God never changes, because it is, “All That Is,” being whole, complete, and perfect. There is nothing that God could become, that it has not “already” become.

God is perfect in thought, word, and deed.
God never makes a mistake, and does all things with full intent and foreknowledge, of all the possible consequences of any action.

God is the “definition” of love and truth, which are divine attributes.
God loves itself, and that is the ultimate truth.

God is love, and creates in the manner of its own likeness.
God loves itself, and creates everything “out of itself,” which it loves “in part,” as equally as the whole.

God is “All That Is,” energetically, intellectually, and consciously.
No “part” of God, can contain the total energy or consciousness that is, the whole of God.

God is eternal, and therefore, timeless.
There is no “before” in eternity, there was only “always and forever.” What exists now, must have always existed, including sin, if you grant it any reality.

God is not purposeless.
God works with love, intent, and perfection, which reveal themselves as truth. There is no need to draw erroneous conclusions about reality, which you can not yet understand.

God “created all, is all, and love’s all,” which is why it is, “All That Is.”
Only those who pick and choose what they will believe about God, then vacillate with regards to their own chosen beliefs, could entertained the idea that sin and has any reality or relevance.

This is a love created, and love controlled, universe and creation.
God in all its loving Glory is in total control of “all of creation,” and each person is in total control of “their” creation. God has given us leeway to explore our reality, and without that leeway, we would live out our lives just as a tree does, with no ability to do anything that was not already pre program into us.

Love and fear are the boundaries we explore our humanity within, in order to develop and raise our consciousness. Sin (which is just a label) is a “vibrational choice” that falls within the parameters of love and fear.

Sin represents a vibrational level of love and understanding, as it relates to God, humanity, and our individual selves. The more we understand about the true nature of God, love, truth, and ourselves, the more we will distance ourselves,”vibrationally,” from the thoughts and actions we “classify” as sin.