A Gold Story

There are many interesting things in this world which have come to be,… which defy rational explanation. Lately I have had the urge to write about the topic of Gold. Why,…I don’t know, because I certainly do not own any.

But there is a story behind Gold that I feel is interesting, and not commonly known. In fact, I myself have only earned a glimpse into the history behind Gold within the last five years.

Now there are many modern-day experts who could tell you things about gold that I could not, but the interesting thing about gold is that its history only goes back as far as its full use and acceptance, as a form of commodity. But nothing predates that.

Most people go with the flow, and do not question the use of gold or its history, but if you stop and think about it, the use of gold here on Earth is totally illogical. Now lets start with our modern era. Yes we now have some use for gold. We use it in jewelry, and in electronics, and maybe in a few other things which have escaped my awareness, but the largest part of all the gold that has ever existed, is in solid form being stored in some secure facility.

Why,….because we just don’t have a real world use for it, that’s why. Gold has limited use, outside it’s agreed value as a form of commodity. Remove that agreed value, and gold would have the same use value a lead, in all probability.

Now if we today, have such limited use for gold, then certainly very early man, who were essentially hunter gatherers, or subsistence level farmers, would have had even less, or absolutely no use (which I think is closer to the truth), for gold.

Do you really think that people would stop hunting, or growing crops, or tending their animals, to go out and search for a metal that they had no use for, and which was not recognized as having any value?Where was the market, who organized that market, who decided this metal had value over another?

In talking about very early man, non of this makes sense. Now, lets enter some past highly technical civilizations into the equation, civilizations which became extinct long ago. Yet even then, it still does not make that much sense.

What does make sense is the idea of an extraterrestrial race who came to Earth specifically looking for certain metals and minerals, a race who already valued and used some of those metals and minerals in their life, and in their technology.

Guess who ended up mining those metals,…you guessed it, we did. Guess who we revered, because they could fly, and do all kinds of amazing stuff,….you guessed it, the extraterrestrials. Now we have Gods, who could do anything, who were looking for gold, and who used us to mine it, along with probably some other precious metals.

Eventually the Gods left and took their technology with them, and we reverted to our natural state, but we continued to value what they valued, and so slowly over time, as we found more gold, we began to hoard it (what else could we do with it?). Now these extraterrestrials did not just touch down in one place on Earth, they mined all over the Earth, at different times in Earth history, and so that same reverence for gold was held everywhere there was people, making it a well-recognized and commonly prized commodity, which no one really had a use for except as adornments.

Can I vouch for the truth of what I just told you? NO! But you do the math and see what you come up with. This is my truth about Gold until you can replace it with a more complete one that makes better sense.