Who Has Had A True Spiritual Experience

The real definition of an atheist, is a person who has yet to have a true spiritual experience.

As much as they might want to deny, or ignore this fact, they can’t, because there are no atheists who have had a true spiritual experience. The fact of the one, not only contradicts the other, but it “undoes it” as well. All atheists lack the experience and understanding that comes about as a result of a true spiritual experience, which of course is why they think the way they do.

Being a Christian is not a guarantee that a person has had a real spiritual experience. You could convert to Christianity today, right now, and essentially be unchanged except for the singular decision that you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

When a person has had a real spiritual experience, it is life and consciousness altering. So, if you have not made any significantly changes to your belief system lately, and your life has been ticking along in pretty much the usual way, then it is an indication that you have not had a spiritual experience. This may be annoying the heck out of atheists, who just can’t stand being out of the loop on anything , but hey,…that’s the way it is,…sorry, I didn’t create realty, I just reside within it.

To sum this up, I’ll say that the whole atheist movement is a very large group of people who all have one thing in common. They all agree that there is no such thing as the spiritual experience, ( which of course is a Godly experience and not necessarily a religious one) I am talking about, because non of them have had one.

Their organizations truth is based on the idea that, if you can get enough people together to deny the existence of something, then you can alter reality!