What It Means To Have A Spiritual Experience

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Let me begin with this: I don’t believe that there is one “right” way to approach a deeper understanding of ourselves. There are different practices, theories, and teachings because different interpretations and methods are needed for different people and at different parts of the journey. I believe our journeys are ultimately the same, but that there are different paths along it, so to say. To that end: I am speaking from the perspective of this one. Disclaimer over.

A spiritual experience, much like any other, serves you in some way. It makes you more aware. It expands your consciousness. It connects you, at least for a moment, with the part of you that doesn’t require physical means to validate it. On a human level, it is uniquely important, regardless of what religion you practice.

To be spiritual is to be human.

At its core, spirituality is a combination of human psychology…

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