Getting Along With People

Have you ever noticed that some people are harder to get along with than others, and how do you explain the fact that some people just adore you, while other people, (a very tiny minority), don’t like you? What’s up with that?

It is quite possible that the situations, such as I have just described, are beyond the average person’s present ability to detect and thoroughly understand, without the addition of some further information that will allow for increased insight into the dynamics which are in play, when these kinds of situations occur.

There is a tendency to feel that if we are lovable to most, we should be lovable to all, and if any one has a problem, it must be the other person.

To a certain extent this is true, however it helps to understand the forces at work in the minds of the people you’re interacting with, during these situations. It is only through a heightened understanding of the thought processes of both yourself, and other people, that you can finally make sense out of people’s behaviour.

Arguing with people, over whose opinion is right or wrong is pointless, and a waste of energy.

Let me illustrate a point by citing this example. If you and I were born in the same town, and I had travelled to another big city, in a country you had never been to, then it makes sense that I could tell you many details about that city, that you don’t, or couldn’t know anything about, without having been there.

Using a variation on that same example, it can be said that when the consciousness of one person, has moved vibrationally higher than that of the collective consciousness, allowing that individual opportunities for expanded awareness, and matching experience, then they can be said to have travelled to where others may not have gone themselves.

In so doing then, you have experienced reality in a manner that others have not.

People being what and who they are, there is a tendency for others to say, that one individual couldn’t possibly go where others, who only through lack of intent or interest, have decided it is impossible to go.

Such is the limited thinking, of the collective consciousness.

Now in helping you understand how to better get along with people, I’m not going to go into all the ways that you can grease the wheels, in order to make yourself more socially acceptable to others.

This is not about having to modify your behaviour, just because other people have something you “want or need,” whatever that might be. I want to go beyond that, to discover why you would even have to grease the wheels in the first place.

Achieving the ability to get along with people, does not have it’s origins in techniques,… that is all about manipulation, which is “old school” sales technology!

What I’m advancing, is the ability to develop and use knowledge based in a thorough understanding of what makes you tick, and because of that insight, go on to develop a course of action, that has the potential to improve relations with certain individuals you formerly could not understand.

So let’s get right into it and see where this goes.

The first dynamic I want to talk about, is the fact that if you are a person who is predominantly happy or unhappy in the extreme,… then you are likely to encounter far more opposition to your personality than your average person.

Thoughts equal energy in motion, which themselves have a specific vibrational range, depending on the nature of the thought.

You are a “physical container for your belief system,” which is nothing more than a conglomeration of thoughts, held by your mind, that reveal the relationship between you and the world around you. Your beliefs control your programming, about how you can, and should respond, to every situation life can throw your way.

Every thought, being energy based in origin, carries a specific vibrational wave length. Lots of thoughts, such as those which constitute the make up of your belief system, result in an overall vibrational energetic state of being, equal to a specific magnitude, and vibrational rate.

People, who’s predominant vibrational state of being is either much higher, or much lower than your average person’s, generally encounter resistance from other people, because their personal energy field is making other people feel uncomfortable in their presence.

If you are the highly energetic person, and you are aware of these dynamics, you can choose to either tone down your vibration, or leave the company of those who feel uncomfortable in your presence. If the energy of the people you are with, is significantly lower than your own, the odds are you won’t feel very comfortable in their presence either, and so it is unlikely that much of anything good will transpire between you.

This vibrational dynamic, applies also to those people who’s personal vibration is abnormally low, whether that be their normal state of being, or due to some temporary external condition that they are in the process of dealing with.

The fact is, that whenever you have two people with very dissimilar rates of personal vibration, they are going to feel uncomfortable in each other’s presence, and it’s highly probable they will not know why.

There are of course, factors which work to modify this situation, such as having something very enjoyable in common between both of you, such as a hobby, which is often the key to allowing two people to harmoniously co-exist, even if only temporarily.

The second dynamic you should be aware of, is that the combined belief systems of everyone on the planet, make up what is known as the “collective consciousness” of humanity. This has been the model that has continually shaped the belief system of everyone in the world from day one.

The problem is, that vibrationally speaking, that model is not very high, and does not represent a very good source of appropriate behaviour. Yet it has been looked to as the source of all knowledge for every one on the planet, and as a consequence most people have come to believe many things, which do not have any real basis in reality.

These same people don’t, or won’t acknowledge that fact, because they see the same behaviour everywhere they look, and so there is nothing to reflect back to them the fact that they might be off track.

There is however the persistent feeling within each person, that things could always be better, and that there is always room for improvement,…and they’re right, things could be significantly better, but not by using the same belief system which has continually withheld your highest good from you.

And so the second dynamic, is that the belief system of your average person is based in a global mindset that is primarily survivalist based, which is fostered in the main by fear, and driven by competition. Therefore, if your beliefs conflict in a large part, with those beliefs held in the collective consciousness, then you can expect to encounter conflict, when engaging your average person, due to vibrational incompatibility.

Lastly there is the third dynamic which has a significant effect on personal interactions, but which is likely to be disallowed, or disbelieved outright by your average person, and that factor has to do with past life occurrences, and relationships between individuals.

With each new incarnation you undergo, you encounter many of the same souls as in your previous incarnation, only the roles have changed. You can view each life as a play, and the actors as being part of a company who all perform together in each new play, and the only variation will be the roles they take on.

Now, your world will not be populated totally by these people, but you can be assured that those who become closest to you, or who play key roles in your life, are for the most part, those with whom you have interacted before, or have prior agreements with.

Therefore, conflicts among individuals can also stem from unfinished business in a previous life, and are present in this life in order that a final solution may be reached, and the consciousness of both parties may be raised, as a result.

These are the “dominant factors” which leed you either closer to, or further away from, being able to harmoniously co-exist with the people who come into your life.

Lastly as a guideline, I would suggest that when in doubt about how to proceed in the midst of a difficult situation,…just be nice!

You remember how don’t you,… or do you need a refresher course?