Join The Club

Why is being an atheist so popular these days? Well here are my reasons why I think being an atheist is growing in popularity within society.

(A) You don’t have to know anything, everybody fits the bill! It’s a “come as you are organization!”

(B) You don’t have to qualify to become a member! They take everyone!

(C) You don’t have to create anything! All you have to do is tear down what others have created, and anyone can do that!

(D) You don’t have to have any social skills! Wow, isn’t that a plus for those who only have a limited “four letter word vocabulary!”

(E) You get to mingle with other like-minded “egocentric” people.

(F) You can find comfort in the fact that “if your wrong, then your not the only loser!”

(G) You get to enjoy the security of “bitching” in the company of others, without
being viewed as negative!

(H) You finally can get people to agree with at least one of your opinions!

(I) You like organizations who have no rules you have to memorize, hold no regular meetings, collect no dues, and make no demands on your time!

(J) You like the fact that being an atheist makes no demands on you whatsoever, and fits in so well with your lifestyle!