Whats True Will Always be True

I like to stimulate people’s thinking, not do it for them. Lazy people don’t appreciate the answers, even when their laid out for them, so why bother? I am not necessarily pro science or anti religion. They both have their good and bad points just like any other aspect of life.

Those good and bad points are driven by people and their beliefs about life and God.  Lately though, certain people have found a way to make money by being very controversial about some of the most important topics to humanity, and getting on a lecture tour with their opinions and beliefs.

That in itself is okay, except that they seem unable to advance their own beliefs without tearing down those of other people. In their mind they can not be right, if someone else is also right, so they have to tear down the other belief system which seems to stand in opposition to their own.

What that says to me is that their beliefs will not stand on their own. The only way their beliefs will stand, is if they eliminate the competition, and so that activity occupies much of their focus.

“Look at how wrong they are, and therefore, we must be right!”

Here are some thoughts regarding science and skepticism.

Those things which science has gone on to prove are true, were “just as true in the past, when people and science were laughing at those same ideas.”

What this means is that “truth is true, whether you recognize it as being true or not,” and it is true whether or not you ever get around to developing proof for its basis.

Who in science goes out on a limb and risks their life for a belief or theory? ‘You can’t even get a scientist to risk their funding, or credibility within the academic community, never mind their life!’

History is made by those who could reason, and who had both the charisma, courage, and stamina to buck convention and see their plans through to a conclusion.

It’s a good thing science is a relatively new idea in the scheme of life here on Earth, otherwise no ships would ever have put out from the shore until every thing could have been “proven,” and credit for the discovery assigned, and a book written!