Life Experiences

Two people may hold different points of view, and their individual life experiences are responsible for the wide gap that exists between their two belief systems. Are either of them wrong for having had different experiences, and coming to different conclusions about life, as a result of those same experiences?

People of the same ethnic background, living in the same country and town, who belong to the same religious organization, and went to the same schools, forget that those who seem so similar on the outside, can be totally of a different mindset on the inside.

People are extremely different where it counts the most, and “shows” the least. They are different from one another in what they believe to be true about life, and God.

You talk with someone and you come away saying to yourself, “my goodness, how did they ever get a head full of junk like that? Where has this person been all their life, living in a broom closet, can’t they see the obvious? If it was any bigger they would be tripping over it!”

Is it any wonder the world is not at peace, when people are so far removed from one another mentally!

I guess the best question we could ask ourselves is “what can we agree on?” Maybe we should start there, and expand on that question. Well, okay lets start with the most “important question first.”

” Does God exist?” Now, some of you would argue that there is no God, so that can not be the most important question! Alright then, let’s be fair and ask a question geared to those who don’t believe in God.

“Do you exist?” Well now some of you think I am just being ridiculous, but actually I’m serious. If this were a dream you were having, then every thing you experienced, would all be inside of the dream, and there is no way you would know you were dreaming, because everyone else is in your dream with you,… you made them all up. Actually, everything your senses are returning to you, that defines your reality, is being created by you in your dream.

So now you are saying well maybe,… but this is not a dream!!

Oh ya, prove it! Prove that this is not a dream.

You do not know who created you, what life’s purpose is, or even your what your own purpose in life is supposed to be, and you can’t definitively prove there is no God, but you know for a fact this life you are living is not a dream. That’s amazing.

How did you suddenly get so smart, so fast?

The point I am making is that what goes on in people’s heads is why the world is not at peace, and you can not easily tell from the outside, what beliefs a person might hold about life. Some people swear up and down that this is the way things are, and others swear up and down that life is the opposite way.

What you believe about life then, is not only important for you, but for all of us on this planet. Science is on this “prove it” kick, and nothing exists as a defined reality, until it can be proven. Well ask yourself this question.

Are you willing to put your life on hold and sit around on your thumbs, waiting for science to prove something, so you can then get on with some aspect of your life? Why would you ever want to put those people in full control of your personal beliefs?

Why would you want to limit yourself to a system of thought that says nothing is real unless “they say it is real?” Apparently, they are so backlogged trying to define for people what is real and what is not that, most of reality is still in their “in basket.” (ya, that was old school!)

“Yes I know they should be working on it, trying to come up with the answer, but I don’t control their agenda, and I guess they are very busy right now, having to define every aspect of reality for people, so we will all know what to believe and what not to believe.”

I tell you what, why don’t you just sit on the fence about everything in life, until science gives you the heads up about what is real in your life, and what to believe!