Religious Ideas That Don’t Work #12

What God “can” do, and what God “does” do, are two different orders of reality.

The God of all creation can obviously do whatever it desires, given its creative abilities. People however, can not envision God except through the filter of their limited imagination, knowledge, and immature emotional nature.

So much of the bible has God portrayed as being emotionally out of control! Come on people, get a grip on reality! If God was in the habit of coping an attitude, it could pull the plug on any one, or anything, at anytime. God doesn’t do that, now or later, after you have passed on. Everyone is loved by God.

The truth about God’s nature is that God is a benevolent entity which supports and maintains all that it creates. Science, who does not believe in God, might laugh at that statement, however, they cannot dispute the fact that “creation itself still exists, and we are all still here.” You can draw your own conclusions from that fact!

Secondly, while you and science, might perceive the physical nature of life as consisting of an endless variety of different atomic and chemical components, it is all God. All of creation is God in all its various forms, and this is a very important point. God is benevolent because “everything is made of God,” although not necessarily by God directly.

God loves itself, so why wouldn’t it nurture and support all the various aspects of itself, in the same way that we do?

Many people’s idea of God is so “Hollywood!” God is intelligence, energy, and consciousness. That’s it people, that’s all! The implications of that knowledge is that the church is not really your sole ticket to God, and so they certainly will not side with any concept or idea that would undermine their objectives.

“God is energy, intelligence and consciousness.”

Science talks a lot about the first chemical start of life having achieved some level of intelligence at its inception. The start of life is not the question people. “The start of intelligence is the question!”

Intelligence is neither chemical nor biological! Those are both things which ultimately “use intelligence, and process thought!” Intelligence is the key to God, intelligence and consciousness. Neither of those can be put under a microscope, so science ignores their reality, preferring instead to study aspects of life they can see, and which have tangible, real world applications. Talk about slanted science!

Now the fact that intelligence and consciousness are hard to test and verify, gives people, and science an easy argument for dismissing them as being “Godly attributes,” and therefore not connected to reality itself, because God does not exist. That circular argument is as much of an indication of a persons limited ability to think, feel, and conceptualize, as it is for there being no God!

Science has to admit that on Earth, all human creations were first “conceptualized,” before they ever manifested into the physical world. Intelligence then, precedes creation even at this level. The fact is, “intelligence precedes all creation, at every level.”

Therefore, if you are going to devote your academic career and the greater part of your life to determining the origins of creation, and the nature of life, then one should start with the very first step in the natural order of things, which would be the study of intelligence first, then consciousness.

For if one does not completely understand all aspects of the nature of intelligence, consciousness, the mind and the human brain, then how can you possibly put so much stock in your scientific findings?

Your mind is a tool, and if you know very little about the tool you are using, how accurate can the possible outcomes and conclusions really be?