Your Mind

How can some people hold such outrageous beliefs? Well, possibly those beliefs may be outrageous only to you. Beliefs are the result of thoughts married to experience, and every individual has a lifetime of different experience that has become their reality.

Different beliefs which are the result of individual experience, are the pigments which you use to paint the whole picture of your life, and the nature of reality.

Obviously, because so many people are doing the same thing, opinions about the nature of reality vary widely. Is there a common truth for all people with regards to the nature of reality? The answer is yes there is, but since you have not had “all experience” yet, which defines the nature of reality, you cannot hold that experience, belief, or opinion within your self.

Reality is movement, continual change, and so the idea of ever being able to experience it all, is erroneous. You can never have an exact experience of reality because of the rate at which it is constantly changing, you can however, have an experience that approximates reality in all it’s various forms, kind of like reading yesterdays news paper in order to stay informed.

I like talking about the mind and beliefs, because they are responsible at this level, for everything in your life. Thinking is free, and beliefs are free, so limiting them, is like limiting yourself to shopping for food in just two isles of the grocery store. Why would you ever want to do that?

Beliefs are the building blocks of your life, and if you have negative, limiting beliefs, you’ll have a negative, limited experience of life, plain and simple.

Beliefs are based on a vibrational foundation of love and experience. Consider beliefs as a vibrational ladder, with love at the top, and fear at the bottom. You can not jump to the top or middle of the ladder, because it is made up of both thought and experience. You can say you believe something, but without the experience that goes along with it, you’ll never have that “knowing,” which itself is vibrational. Therefore, one who “believes” will always be in a lower vibrational state of being, when compared to someone who “knows.”

Whether you learn anything of value from what will follow, depends on whether you are motivated to learn something new, what your current beliefs are, and whether you think you already know all the really important information in life. I’m not too concerned about ruffling some feathers, you can’t please everyone, all i am concerned about is raising the level of beliefs in people to be more loving, because that benefits everyone, and is a worthy goal in my opinion.

Making the world a better, more loving place to be in, starts with helping people develop vibrationally higher beliefs, which in turn motivates them to produce more loving behaviour toward all people. That is my motivation for writing the posts which will follow.