Your Mind #8

We hear a lot of talk about the ego as if it is some kind of entity! What is the ego? Well lets look at a baby, who is the most pure form of human being, for our answer.

You will notice that a baby, for obvious reasons, has very limited communication skills, and very limited experience. There is no way that a baby could have yet formed the complicated set of beliefs that are common to an adult. Babies have the most primitive form of human ego, they laugh, cry, and scream, in order to get what they want.

With no real belief system formed, they must be acting according to physical sensations and their emotions. Later, as the baby grows and learns the ways of the world, it starts developing beliefs. It is these beliefs that are the main cause of its primal emotions being triggered.

People become conditioned to respond to their beliefs “emotionally.” Your ego is your current belief system, which is tied your emotions, which are tied your consciousness, which is connected to your higher self, which is connected to your oversoul, which is connected to God.

Simple, wouldn’t you say?