Your Mind #6

If you have never been out of your own country, how do you know the other side of the world exists?

There is only personal experience, and accumulated evidence to support your belief that it does exist. So you can scratch off personal experience if have never been out of your own country. Accumulated evidence however, most often has to do with the quantity of that evidence, and not the quality.

Based on that idea, if five billion people’s support an idea and hold it to be true, are you going to dispute it? Of course believing in something does not necessarily make it true, it only makes it true for you!

There is a small percentage of the population who can access the vibrational frequency range outside of physical reality. We are talking now about the spiritual realm. If 95% of the population can not do the same, does that mean that ability is a bunch of nonsense? Or that spirit itself is nonsense?

If your answer is yes it is nonsense, then you would have to include the act of jumping 7 feet in the high jump, and running a 4 minute mile, as being complete nonsense also, considering that 95% of the population can do neither of those two!

Do you see that the quantity of people who believe in something does not guarantee its reality or accuracy?