The Case For God (1)

I’m always working toward the goal of being able to come up with a believable, and viable explanation, for those people who are searching for God.

The key wording there is “searching for God.”

Very few explanations are capable of serving those who are “not” searching for God. So the bottom line is “seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you.”

The limitations that exist to finding God, do not lie within God, they are our own limitations, and it is the personal limitations of each individual which keeps God hidden from them.

Those people who are “not” searching for God, have personal limitations in place which keep them from “consciously” making contact with God. Those people who are searching for God, have placed no such limitations on themselves or their search.

God is both physical and spiritual, and if you deny the spiritual in favor of the physical, then not only do you see just half of the picture, but you have a bias as well, that keeps you from recognizing the truth.

Those who are heavily immersed in the physical, only know what science can discover and prove. This leaves you at the mercy of science who is dictating both the direction and the speed at which, the discovery and understanding of your reality can come to you.

Additionally,… if you are not a scientist specializing in that same field of work, then your understanding of their results will be severely limited. In truth it comes down to a layman taking someones word as to what constitutes the nature of reality.

Coming into a spiritual understanding of God puts a person into the driver’s seat with regards to their search for God. Now there is no intermediary between yourself and your search for God.

Those people who are mentally locked into a purely physical understanding of life, “do not” consider spiritual proof to be an acceptable form of proof to support any theory of spirituality. At the same time, they “do” consider physical proof as sufficient evidence to support a physical reality.

Therefore, we have those who do not believe in God, defining the rules by which God can be found.

Does this make sense to you, because it does not make sense to me.
Those who do not believe in God are trying to make God subject to their own personal limitations. The tail is trying in all respects to wag the dog.

Good luck with that.