The Atheist

Controversy sells, so if you want to draw attention to yourself, or test your mental metal against all comers, then just go against the religious beliefs of the world, and you’ll draw all kinds of attention your way.

Now I used to think that those who didn’t believe in God were just spiritual pygmies. Instead, I have had a new bit of insight into their behavior, and now I believe that some of them have found a new way to capitalize on religion by taking a hard-line, anti God position, that is sure to deliver the attention they seek.

Atheists are attention seekers!

“Look at me world, I don’t believe in the God that most of the world believes in,… what do you think of that?”

They have found an interesting way to stand out from the crowd, for their own purposes, whatever that may be. Possibly to sell a book, or be on talk radio, or television, or the lecture circuit,…whatever. You can be sure that it is not for the reason they are putting forth.

All behavior has its rewards, and all one need do to figure out where they are coming from is to look at the potential rewards of that behavior.

When you think the same as the rest of the other seven billion other people on Earth, that doesn’t draw much attention to you. Your just another face, in a sea of faces. But,…buck the trend,…go against the status quo and see how much more attention you draw to yourself and your cause.

If the reward does not happen to be commercial, then possibly it is an ego reward. Raising yourself up by putting others down is an old practice of people, who’s egos are leading them around by the nose. It works rather well because never at anytime do you have to actually exert yourself, or prove anything. Instead you just go on the offensive by demanding that “Others” supply proof for “their” position.

So, as an atheist, you can draw attention to your commercial ventures, maximize your feelings of self-worth by being critical of the beliefs of others, gain heightened social recognition, all without having to actually create something or prove anything to anyone!

It’s the “Lazy mans way to fame and fortune!”