The Idea Of Sin

Although I’ve written previously about the theological idea of sin, I think more could, and should be said about it, so that people might have an easier time of divesting themselves of unnecessary feelings of guilt, the result of which, comes from believing in a false premise.

Currently you may have an understanding about God and the nature of reality, based on the ideas held within religion, which is adhered to by a large segment of the collective.

These ideas are homey,…nice, but not necessarily true. To say that humanity has not grown in consciousness in two thousand years would be inaccurate, and to say that humanity has not grown in the area of their religious beliefs, would be inaccurate also.

The life, and consciousness of a people moves on, but the same can not be said of those religious texts which, seek to keep people stuck in a two thousand-year old paradigm of God and the world.

The fact is that, if people with a limited understanding of God’s reality, could get it almost right two thousand years ago, then they are capable of getting it “totally” right today! We have not regressed in consciousness, we have advanced, and are far more aware than at anytime in our past history.

It is time for a fresh look at the idea of sin, to determine if it even has any validity at all.

So right at the outset of this look into the concept of sin let me say that the “fear of God” is not equal to the “love of God.” They are completely different vibrations with different characteristics, and to teach people that they are equal to each other, and equally desirable, is doing people a disservice.

God is intelligence, vibrational energy and consciousness, expressing itself benevolently in a form we call “love.”

Love “is” God, and represents the complete sum total of Gods vibrational potential. All vibrational possibility resides within the reality of love, which is God.

What about sin then?

Well sin if it exists, would first have to exist as a vibrational reality, otherwise, it is nonexistent. So sin must have a vibrational characteristic, in the same way that everything else which is real has a vibrational characteristic. Not only that, but if it is so very undesirable that it has the potential to condemn us all, it’s vibrational characteristic must be extremely low.

It is interesting to note that sin, if it is real, is not “separate” from the rest of Gods created reality, if it was, there would be nothing to support it. Therefore, sin must rely upon God, for its continuing existence, as does everything else in Gods kingdom. God must be supporting sin, for if that were not the case, God could just remove it’s support, and sin would cease to exist.

Taking a different tack here, we can say that all creation proceeds from thought, so sin if it is real, must originate in thought. This works for religion if you believe that thought originates with you and your mind, however, this line of thinking falls apart when you are told that your consciousness facilitates your ability to think, and that your consciousness is an individuated part of a collective whole called “God consciousness.” All thought started with God and therefore, “there is no thought you can have which is ever original!”

All thoughts are but extrapolations of some thought residing within God-consciousness. If you were to have an original thought as you seem to think you can, where would it come from?

Where would it come from????

There are no original thoughts, except those that have always existed in the mind of God. If all concepts, and things have their origins in thought, and God is the singular source of all original thought, then for sin to exist and be real it must be a product of God-consciousness and originate with God, as does everything else.

People are used to the idea of manipulating physical reality in order to create new things. They are also used to the idea of combining thoughts into ideas, ideas into concepts, concepts into philosophy. All this manipulation makes us loose track of the fact that we only “make use of, and recombine existing reality,” we are not the original creators of it!

What I am repeating here is that, we create through a process of manipulating existing material reality and forces, who have their origins in God.

Sin can not exist anywhere except in the mind of God from where it would then make its way out into the rest of creation, in the same way that everything else has.

If that is an unacceptable idea for you, then you had better lose the idea of sin completely, because if it didn’t originate with God, then it has no reality.

God is reality, and only that which “is” God and “of” God” has any reality.

In closing then, let me say that if you spent all your time focused on love, truth, freedom and joy, you would not have any time left in the day to think about sin.