Is God Infallible

Ask yourself this question. Can God fail to get what it wants?

There are only two possible answers to that question. The answer is either yes, or no.

If God can fail to get what it wants, then failure becomes part of God’s experience, and the idea of its infallibility goes out the window. God is now fallible,…just as we are.

What moral grounds would God have for excusing itself for its own failures, and condemning us for ours?

If your answer is that God can not fail, because it is infallible, then we can relax. Everything is on purpose, on time, and on track, according to the infallible will of God. Whatever is happening is exactly what is supposed to be happening.

I know that screws up your theology, but you’re the one who believes in an infallible God, who’s Creation and creations are out of control,….not me!

Maybe it’s time you got your act together,….what do you think???