Life Is Symbolic

When man creates anything, it becomes a symbol of what was previously a thought. Nothing delivers that message more clearly than a beautiful painting, which is a symbol of the artists emotions and values at that point in time, now captured for eternity, for all to see.

And when you look at that beautiful symbol, you feel emotions yourself.

That painting has now become a symbol of emotion, not only to the artist, but to you as well, and so there exists a common platform of agreement between the artist and the people who view that painting, which has become “a symbol for emotion.”

The exact nature and value of the emotion the painting causes you to feel, will vary from person to person. It does not convey a fixed emotion or value.

If enough people feel the painting is beautiful, then for all time it will be regarded as such, and will become a symbol of beauty for the rest of humanity and its future members. Symbols are not definitive, except in the case of numbers, whose meanings are always consistent and definitive.

This may be a new line of thinking for you, but it follows that if everything is sourced in the mind ( individual consciousness) and later becomes manifested into physical reality as a result of thought, then whatever you manifest, exists as a symbol of what you have been thinking!

The symbols are emotional because, emotion is both the cause and the reward for all human creative endeavors. Emotion is a communication medium for human consciousness. Man creates what he “feels,” and the creation forever becomes a physical symbol for what he felt.

If everything is an emotional symbol representing the thought of its creator, then the whole world must be emotional as well!

Well actually it is. Everything man creates, represents his thoughts about the emotion of love.

Everything God creates, is a symbol of God’s love. God “is” love, God’s thoughts are loving, in alignment with its nature, so all the manifestations of God are symbols of its love.

As a creation of God, humanity represents a symbol of God’s love if enough people agree to that symbols meaning.
Humanity can also represent sin and error, if enough people choose and support that meaning.

What is true is that creation and humanity exist as “external symbols of God-consciousness,…and the mind of God.