Awareness is an interesting topic. Awareness of what? Well,…everything!

In its most simplistic form, a person is either aware of something “in the moment,” or they are not. To add to that, because they are not aware of something, then “they don’t know, what they don’t know,” unless of course someone draws their attention to it, then they “do know, what they don’t know.”

What is all this double speak about?

Well it’s about the idea that for most of us, the majority of creation lies outside our field of awareness. There have been however, enough people in existence at any given time with heightened senses and abilities above the norm that, they could bring back to us, information about what exists beyond the level of our physical senses.

This has been happening all down through history.

Those people who are the most “unaware,” tend to be those who are invested the most deeply into the physical nature of this world. They are knee-deep in physicality, and not only struggle with the idea of a spiritual reality, they actually get agitated at the thought that someone might be able to do, see, or detect something which they can not.

This is due primarily to their ego, who is usually the cause of their over investment in physicality, and who wants to be the ruler of their world.

As soon as you start pondering higher vibrational realities, then the next question becomes, “who created all this?” And since the ego is aware it is not the source of all creation, it knows there must be a greater entity than itself who is responsible for creation.

To admit this however, would mean that the ego would have to hand over the control of your life to a larger power than itself, and it is not about to do that voluntarily. It sees that action as its demise, and so it defends itself by keeping you ignorant for as long as it can.

People don’t see what I have just described, until they have been able to extract themselves “out of the world,” to a degree great enough that they can finally look back at where they were, and what they believed, and see the difference for themselves. Only those who have made the journey know what I am talking about.