Health is all about consciousness, because at the highest level of reality there is nothing else. On earth everything has a design, and works according to that design. A movement away from Gods design, is a movement away from health.

Everything “is God,” and so has some consciousness within it, that directs it to function according to a specific design.

All material reality functions according to “design,” and it has no “choice” in the matter. It has no free will to do anything outside the parameters of the design it is following. In simple terms it can be said that material matter can not “do its own thing!”

People do have free will, and can think, speak and act in a manner which can “negatively” impact their overall consciousness, which reflects their “dominant personal vibration.” This negativity affects every aspect of the body right down to the cell level. People are energy, and when you alter the nature of the energy bathing every cell you eventually disrupt the natural workings of that cell.

Everything you expose your body to is energy, “everything,” even sound. Base, or negative energy, is low vibrational energy. The body was not designed for prolonged exposure to low vibrational frequencies,…it affects your health.

Once you understand that everything is energy, and that your body functions within a vibrational range of frequency, then you will understand how indiscriminate exposure to vibrations which are not life-sustaining for you, will slowly degrade your health.

Everything you ingest, or expose yourself to is energy with a frequency that either builds health, or degrades it. The secret to good health in this day and age of so much toxicity is, “wanting it passionately,” and not just being ambivalent about it.