Love #3

Love is vibration, but not just a particular vibration, rather it is “all” vibration.

Yes love is the whole possible spectrum of vibrational frequency, from the basest, to the most high. An ocean would not be an ocean without all the water which makes up the ocean, and love is not love, without all the vibrational harmonics which together, make up its whole. Everything on earth is energy, with its own unique vibrational signature. Since everything is energy, “God itself must also be energy, because God is the source of everything.”

If God is everything, including energy, and all energy is vibrational, including love, then we can draw this conclusion. God is everything, including love, which is vibrational energy that includes all vibrational possibility. Vibrations can be felt within the human body, and the different vibrations we feel, which we label as “love,” are just a few of the infinite number of possible vibrations out there to be experienced.