I am not the only one writing about the idea of specialness, there are others. The subject of specialness is one that deals with the battle between one’s head and their heart.

People dislike this topic probably because it’s subject matter is so prevalent throughout society, and touches people in a personal way. Who does not have someone special in their life, and if you do, then you must be a supporter of the concept. Keep in mind that specialness is just a word symbol that tries to explain what is basically an emotional feeling.

There is a spiritual reality that nullifies the concept of specialness, and that is what this post is all about. Before I go much further, I will first make a statement that defines my position on the subject.

“The world is in the shape it is in, because we have too much specialness.”

God is the source of creation. Everything did, and still does, reside within the whole that we call God, who is whole, complete, and unifying, even in the midst of an expanding creation. Oneness, or unification, is equal to God and separation is equal to what we call the “fall,” which is the descent of spirit into physical matter.

Unity then represents the beginning, and separation represents what we are living now.

In simple terms then, unification represents symbolically, your desire to reunite with God, while separation, symbolizes your desire to remain apart from God.

The whole function of specialness is to isolate certain people, and define them as being different in some way to other people. This difference becomes equated with their increased value to you, and their increased value makes them worthy of being loved to a higher degree than other people.

Thus, in the process of making a person special, we have isolated them, elevated them, imbued them with qualities above the norm, and view them as being worthy of receiving love in quantities and in quality, far beyond what you would extend to others.

In case you can’t tell, (and you probably can’t), this is any ego created idea from the word go!

Specialness is totally, totally, totally, an ego created and driven concept. Nothing which separates, alienates or segregates, could be called unifying, And real love is unifying, because love is God!

Specialness is in an ego fiction, it does not exist, except at the level of your ego driven mind.

So tell the truth. It’s ok to say you feel more love for one person than another, that is the truth. It’s not ok to say the reason you feel more love, is because they are special. That is a lie!

No one in this world is any more special than anyone else!

If they were, you might as well throw the concept of  “equality” right out the window, because it would have no application. You can’t have your cake and eat it too! Specialness or equality, pick one and stick with it!