Solutions Needed

We need solutions not criticism!

You’re absolutely right we do, unfortunately your beliefs, understanding, and level of awareness, are the only thing you have to work with. You can’t get blood out of the stone!

Your expectations of getting superior solutions to your problems, without having to elevate your consciousness, is indicative of the thinking that created your problems in the first place. You’re trying to pick yourself up by your own bootstraps, how is that working out for you!

You’re all too busy working to pay for your toys, to do any creative thinking, so you usually just jump on someone else’s bandwagon, hoping it will take you where you want to go, how is that working out for you?

With so many self-proclaimed experts in the world, how could the economy, people, and the world be so screwed up?

The answer is that “only truth is true” and in a world that knew the truth, and practiced the truth, we would be reaping the benefits of that action! Therefore, because the world is so screwed up, it follows that the ideas that are being touted as truth, which we’re following, must be off the mark!

I mean to how hard is that to figure out? In terms that anyone can understand, I will say that a large percentage of what everyone holds to be true is bull s_it!

Was that clean enough for you? Your beliefs may or may not be grounded in reality, and by the looks of the world, the collective beliefs of humanity are tainted beyond belief! Solutions to world problems, (which are your problems), are loving solutions, because “love and truth are synonymous.” Love and truth are synonymous, are you listening,… are you getting this at all,… is it sinking in?

You can’t have truth without love! Any solution that is presented to you that lacks love in its nature, also lacks any equal measure of truth! As long as the world lacks love to a degree, then it will lack truth to the same degree! They are directly proportional to reach other! Love, truth, and the freedom and joy you experience as a result, are attributes of natural law, who is God!

It is a package deal folks, you can’t pick and choose. Either your experience them all, or none. Reduce your freedom and you reduce your experience of love, joy and truth. It works the same for each of them. Where you find one of them you will find the rest, and where one is diminished such as truth, then to that extent you diminish the rest!

This so obvious, you see it everywhere, why do you keep fighting the natural order of things! You keep letting your ego guide you, when it couldn’t find its way out of a paper bag!

I love people, it is only your ego I’m slapping around, and only those who see themselves as their ego could ever be insulted! Your ego is something you use, not something you are! Stop identifying with your ego, don’t you realize that every insult is an insult your ego, who says “hey, did you just hear what they said about you!”

Total identification with your ego means you’re not aware. You look at life and experience it from within your ego self. Awareness is the ability to stand apart from your ego, and watch its actions and decisions and see them for what they are, and make possible corrections.

Solutions are based on truth, not immature, ego driven concepts of reality!