ch4 The Purpose Of Life

As individuals, we spend our whole lives trying to manifest our desires, and so we are heavily fixated on the “what of life,” therefore, it might be a good idea to spend a little time thinking about “why” we are here. Knowing why we are here makes the difference between purposeful and purposeless creating.

If we understand the purpose of life, then we are able to tell if our individual actions are in line with the collective purpose of humanity.

God itself is the source of power and intelligence back of all creation. The Creator is in one sense, pure consciousness, and it is from this river of pure consciousness that everything is born initially. It is from this river of plenty, which has the limitless ability to manifest anything impressed upon it, that all of creation was born.

Anything which is created as the result of the mechanics of creation, results in an “alteration,” and so the original form of consciousness has altered itself. It has moved out of formlessness, into the reality of form. This can be accurately viewed, and considered to be, an increase, or expansion of creation. Additionally, since the greatest part of creation exists as pure unmanifested consciousness, these space-time related physical changes occurring within creation, only represent a very small percentage of what is happening within creation.

It has been established and confirmed by countless individuals that, everything in life first existed as a thought, which is vibrational energy. Vibration implies and is descriptive of movement, which is the precursor of change. Life then,…is all about change.

Life is all about change in all of its many forms. Can you imagine for even a moment what life would be like if all motion within creation stopped? The potential consequences are very hard to envision, because it has never happened since the beginning of creation itself. Creation is about movement, and movement brings about change,…not too hard a concept to understand is it?

That is how creation functions, but is that its actual purpose?

Maybe you have heard the term “function follows form,” well, it is also true that “purpose precedes form” in an intentionally created reality. First you have an intent (purpose) then you set up a form that is in alignment with that intent, then it performs it’s intended function,…so the order becomes purpose, form, and function.

We as individuals use our thought processes to initiate change, and our emotional energy to determine whether we are vibrationally aligned to what we are trying to create. All of our creations are for the purpose of improving our emotional state of well-being, and this is confirmed by the fact that people do not attempt to intentionally create things, or situations, which they know will make them feel bad, depressed, suicidal, or sick.

The purpose of life then is change, which allows an exploration into the various emotional states of being, from which we can then determine values, and form beliefs. This all results in a change in individual consciousness, and a movement toward the higher end of the vibrational scale, which is reflective of the nature of our Creator. We are all learning through the various options and opportunities which appear in life, which values and beliefs constitute the highest good for everyone, and to choose those values, beliefs and actions, on an ever-increasing level of consistency.

The purpose of life then is to become like our source, who is God, and requires a change in our consciousness so that it will eventually emulate, while we are in physical form, the loving nature of our creator. Physical life then, becomes the stage, which sets up the opportunities we are presented with, to form or change our beliefs in a manner that will develop our consciousness vibrationally,on an ascending scale. Our emotions act as the confirmation that we are either on track to our goal, or they reveal that we may be on a path leading us farther away from it.

The purpose of life is to become like our Creator, and life is both the stage this process plays out on, and the tool we use, to achieve that end.