Bashar – Time to change your governments

I love this guy, who when he speaks, is really representing many entities of like consciousness.  Watching the video reveals the struggle most people have with Bashars’s concepts, specifically, and new age concepts in general. You can lift people up to higher levels of thought, but without them first establishing a platform of belief to stand on at that new level, there is no way they can stay there! They fall back into their old beliefs. You can help people, but you can’t do the mental work for them, they have to do that themselves. No one says it has to take a long time to change a belief, however, usually it does because a belief is not just based on one idea,…it is integrated into a huge number of other ideas which all work together to reinforce each other. Changing a belief means having to shuffle a lot of other concepts and beliefs around to accommodate the new belief.

Multiple dimensions of reality are a bit of a stretch for your average person,…but then again so was believing the world was round instead of flat!