The Beginning Is God

This is an excerpt from my latest book called “A river Of Plenty,” which is written, and soon to be published,…if I ever get my buns in gear.


This is a book about the unlimited abundance which is available from creation.

As a person looks around at their environment, they see evidence everywhere of the variety and unlimited abundance of the natural world. Who can fix a number to the amount of raindrops that have fallen since the beginning of time? Who can estimate the number of grains of sand there cumulatively are on all the beaches of the world, or that make up all the deserts on earth? How many drops of water are there in all the oceans and lakes, how many blades of grass, trees, plants, variety of insects, birds or animals are there?

Everywhere we look, we see nothing but abundance and variety without limitation, all around us. We have not as yet mentioned all of creation that lies outside the physical boundaries of earth, such as planets, stars, comets, asteroids, galaxies, nebula, gas clouds, or any of the other universe phenomena. The unlimited abundance they represent is unfathomable to the human mind, who is used to dealing with limitation. Then of course, there is the whole nonphysical realm of existence, which lies outside the range of our sense receptors. The largest part of creation is just unlimited potential, awaiting activation into that which is spiritual or physical. This unlimited potential knows no boundaries or restrictions. When acted upon, it becomes “activated,” becoming the equivalent of the pattern which is being imprinted on it, and it does so, with no regard to quantity or size, except as is imposed by the pattern itself.

When an architect is designing a new building that is in the neighborhood of 100 stories tall, an exceptional amount of thought, time and energy, goes into the design and planning of the foundation which will support that structure. It does not take much education to realize that one critical mistake in the design or execution of the supporting foundation of that building, will probably result in a serious structural flaw, which could possibly limit the height of that building, to only 10 stories, if indeed the building could be built at all. Beginnings then, can be very important, and can lead to either a disastrous or successful conclusion to any endeavor.

When we’re discussing the unlimited abundance that is visible on earth and throughout all creation, it is only proper that we start at the beginning with the Creator, who is usually referred to as God. The Creator is the foundational level upon which all creation is built, however, any structure will degrade over time, and requires continual maintenance to keep it fully functional. The creator not only designs and manifests all of creation, but he maintains it as well, thereby, ensuring its continuing existence. Creating wealth and abundance in your life is all about aligning yourself with the laws which govern the universe, thereby, allowing yourself to get into the flow of all this potential good, which really is what I call “a river of plenty.”

This river of plenty is a very good visual picture for the human mind to grasp, as it relates to wealth, abundance and prosperity, because it allows us to visualize ourselves either as being on the river, or on the bank outside the river, meaning we’re outside the flow of universe abundance. Then it also allows us to visualize our direction, with regards to that of the river itself. We can be going upstream against the current, across the current, or downstream with the current, which we usually call “going with the flow.” Our movement in relationship to the movement of the river, represents the amount of resistance we have to the flow of universe abundance. This resistance is never intentional, after all, which of us would withhold our highest good from ourselves? Our resistance is the result of ignorance, of misinformation, that results in false beliefs about the nature reality itself. False believes then, are responsible for continued actions which act as resistance, to all that you are trying to create.

Therefore, in this book I will not argue about, or spend energy trying to prove the nature of reality, instead, I will simply state concepts which are vibrationally higher than those which are commonly accepted as truth by the collective conscious. It will be up to the reader to decide which information they will be able to integrate in the moment, into their current belief system. Bear in mind that, information which is too far removed from your current beliefs, will be hard for you to integrate, therefore, you would do well not to judge the new information as being valid or invalid, until you’ve had time and read enough material to become familiar with the new ideas that are contained within this book.

That was one of the first, of possibly many, new metaphysical concepts which will be unveiled in subsequent chapters. The concept I am talking about here is that, like vibrations attract, and unlike vibrations tend to modify each other. New information which is too far removed from the information a person currently holds, will not be easily believed or integrated into their beliefs. This is where time and patience, and a lack of judgment comes into play. In order to do this topic full justice, I will spend much time developing the foundation for all the subsequent chapters which talk about and explain, the mechanics of material creation from thought. “Consciousness itself,” being the river of plenty which this book refers to.