Sanora On The Most Important Thing In Life

Sanora, are you there?

Yes, greetings my son. We are here for you now, how can we be of service to you?

Sanora, will you comment on what you think the most important thing, or idea in life is, for people in general?

Very well my son, we will be happy to expand your awareness in that area.

Our answer to your question, would be this. Each person’s level of conscious development, and it’s effctive utilization, is the most important thing in life.

One cannot interact with that, which they are currently unaware of! Awareness is a factor of development. The greater your development of consciousness, the more reality you become aware of, and can interact with. Life in your environment is vibrationally based, and most people are fully aware of their “personal limitations.”  What they are not aware of is, “the reality which exists outside the vibrational range of their senses,” and thus, they make a limited efforts to discover it.

You will not interact with that, which lies outside the vibrational range of your conscious awareness, unless of course, it seeks you out.

To believe that all of creation could be jammed into the confines of human consciousness, and the limited vibrational range of human physical senses, is a source of humor for the rest of creation. You have a saying on your planet which is, “they don’t know, what they don’t know.” This statement is so true, although we would add something to it, so that it would read as  follows, “they don’t know, or care about, what they don’t know!”

Fear works to reduce a person’s personal ambition for discovery.

It keeps people hitched to the post of familiarity, and hobbled in their attempts at “self discovery.” Expanding one’s consciousness, opens the door to a much larger version of reality, from which people may then make additional choices. The development of consciousness is never-ending, which always keeps the game of life fresh and new. This is the reason why there is constant change happening throughout all of creation, instead of it existing as a fixed, perfect reality, which has no place to go, because it cannot be improved upon.

Have we serve to well my son?

Yes thank you Sanora, that was great.

You’re most welcome. Now, if there is nothing further, we will take our leave. Peace, love and joy, unto you and yours.