What is knowledge , and where does it come from? In prehistoric times, before language, knowledge could only have been “observation and experience,” Your mind, whether it be primitive or modern, is always the “interpreter of your reality.”

Is direct observation and experience the only available source of knowledge?The answer is no. Knowledge is available from mass consciousness, your higher self and God. God being the macro source, and everything else being the micro source.

God is the source of all knowledge, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. There is “never” any new knowledge. The reason is that, God is not the source of knowledge, God is knowledge itself ! Nothing exists outside of the reality that is God, and so there are no available sources from which to draw any new knowledge. God is eternal, and eternity is the idea of timelessness, therefore, where there is no time, then everything is always happening in the “now.”

All the knowledge that has ever existed, exists, or ever will exist, is available now, to those people who can raise their personal vibration and become a vibrational match to the knowledge they are seeking. This knowledge then passes over into their consciousness. It is more a case of “tuning in to the frequency of the information you are seeking. This is how things are invented and discoveries are made,….people tune in through their intent, focus and activities.

In order to have time, you must have physically manifested reality. This is the case in our universe. Time which requires at least two points, A and B, is the time it takes to go from point A to B. It is obvious that in a physically based reality such as ours, there exists change, and therefore, new perspectives, which lead to new knowledge. Knowledge from the macro perspective (being) is acted on in the micro perspective (doing) and becomes new knowledge (having), which is the resultant manifestation of all mental en devours within a physically manifested and oriented aspect of creation.

This is the basis of the be, do have, equation. It is all based on the initial use of Gods knowledge, which interacts with our consciousness, to become what it never was before. This is what drives the expansion of creation, but it is all happening within God, not outside of God. The micro, takes place “within” the macro.