From The Penthouse To The Basement

The following is a “stair step” overview of how we were created, and how we create. It starts with God, and moves downward in evolution and vibration. If you don’t believe in God, then just start with “you,” the remainder is still valid. This explanation is “self validating.”

The idea of self validation does not mean something is true because the information itself states it’s true, such as might be claimed for certain Holy texts.

Self validating means that,… the energy of the information being imparted, is discernible by an individual, and impacts the person reading it, to a degree that, it causes a recognition through the triggering of a “feeling.”

Truth as it relates to people, is primarily a feeling,…. you either feel something is true, or you feel it is not true. This is no reflection on the information itself, but is instead, reflective of the vibrational nature of your “beliefs,” which either help or hinder, your understanding of certain ideas.

Also, this essay only deals with the relationship between God and people here on earth, and is not meant to include the rest of creation, although much of the information here still applies.

1 Energy+intelligence= God

2 God = consciousness

3 God-consciousness = God’s will

4 Gods will = individuated consciousness

5 Individuated consciousness = your oversoul/higher self

6 Your higher self = your consciousness

7 Your consciousness = your incarnational self/lower self

8 Your lower self = self awareness

9 Self awareness = thought

10 Your thoughts = your will

11 Your will = your ego

12 Your ego = your beliefs

13 Your beliefs = your values

14 Your values = your desires

15 Your desires = your feelings

16 Your feelings = your manifestations

17 Your manifestations = your vibrational alignment to source

18 Your vibration alignment to source = your current evolutionary status

19 your current evolutionary status = your evolvement toward unification with God

In numerology 19 equals 1+9 = 10, 10 = 1+0 = 1, one being the symbol of God, unity, “the I in the I am.” I referring to “oneness,” and am, referring to “being.”

Feel free to use this information, add to it if you desire, it is only useful when it gets “out there” in the world.