What’s In-store Later

You know,…everyone is going through a lot of mental gymnastics so they can eventually be with God.

Where do you think you are now?

If you don’t recognize any of the real estate here, what makes you think you’ll do any better later? Yes, your correct, more will be revealed later after you move to the next stage of life, however, if you think there is more to this life than is being revealed to you now, then why don’t you find out what it is?

Is this life something to enjoy, or something to get through, to endure?

People are taught contradictory information,…like when a politician tells you he’ll work for the people on every issue! How is that working out? People have been taught so much crap about God that they don’t know what to believe, and I think they have pretty much given up on trying to figure it out.Churches are saying one thing, and new agers are saying another, and people are caught in the middle.

What is going to come later? Well life on a sandy beach, sipping cool drinks under an umbrella, with a warm breeze blowing over you and 24 hour room service in a 5 star resort! Sensual gratification to the max, anything you want! Do you believe that?

You don’t,… how about the “hell part,” do you believe that?

Do you even know what you believe?

Ya,…I believe it’s none of your business what I believe!

Oohhh, snappy comeback!