A Response

I see your point, and am in agreement with the idea that all life is impacted to some extent by its environment, and under certain conditions, and in the fullness of time, can change by varying degree.

The real question is,…did everything (and since your such a stickler on the English, language, by everything, I mean “everything,”) originate from one thing, or,…was all life created first, and evolved later. One must consider the likelihood of extraterrestrial races leaving their mark upon this planet also.. Meaning that there exists the possibility that not everything on Earth originated here. Which would blow out part of both the evolutionists and creationists idea about life.

Believing in God does not mean you can’t recognize evolution, and believing in evolution, does not mean there is no God. Your mind seems sharp and inquiring, but are you getting caught up in the details of the little picture?

If you are a thinker, and I’ll make the assumption that you are,…then do you ever stop to think about how you think?

Everyone is caught up in “What to think”, without giving much thought to “how they think.”

Without consciousness, you couldn’t even entertain a single thought, and the argument about evolution or creation would be a moot point. Where does consciousness come from, where does yours come from?

Everything created by man first originated with a thought,…that is how we create. If there were a God, then the possibility exists that our creative abilities are just extensions of its own. In my mind, the key to the answer about life here, and all of  creation itself, hinge on understanding consciousness.

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again for those who have not heard it.

Those thinkers who are using their thinking faculties to deny the existence of a singular, benevolent, energetic, creative force, whom we most often refer to as God, are using their consciousness, without knowing what it is, or where it came from.

They have received the gift, then proceed to use it to deny the source from whence it came.

What kind of scientific procedure is that? That’s like using a gas flame in part of your experiment, then denying you used a burner to produce it. If that’s your idea of science, then it’s no wonder it takes so long  to discover anything!

Now as to your “Open a text-book sometime” comment, I think I’ll just let that one slide for now my friend.