About Goals And Success

Is goal achievement the same thing as success?

Some people might answer yes, while others might define the two ideas differently. Most people would agree however, that not achieving your goal would feel like failure.

When we set a particular goal and achieve it, we don’t hang up our skates on the wall and retire for life,…instead, we set new, bigger, more satisfying goals.

Our energy is put toward the attainment of any goal for the sole reason that, it’s achievement will make us “feel better.” In other words, we perceive that our goal will be life enhancing, and not detracting, therefore, it would be very difficult to determine what was life enhancing, without emotions.

Feelings are the motivation for all human activity.

Even self-preservation is the thought that you’ll feel better alive than dead. Unless a person understands their true motivation for all the activity in their life, then they do not know themselves,… or anyone else for that matter.

Regardless of what you may have been told in motivational seminars, or read in self-help books, the truth is that, feelings,… not logic rule your life.

Feelings fuel the fire of your desire, just look at relationships,…would you marry a person who you were not attracted to, who did not excite you, or did not give you good feelings when you were around them? Are relationships not the most basic and important form of creation, and are our feelings not vitally important to their establishment?

Relationships are established between yourself, and anything external to yourself. All the very same rules apply to any relationship. Feelings rule the day.

To discover your motivation you have to get to the core of what you are trying to achieve by fulfilling a desire. If you analyze your motivation, you’ll discover it is based in feelings, and if you “didn’t discover that,” it means you didn’t dig deep enough in your analysis,…you stopped short!

Now since everything you’re after in life is for the purpose of making you feel better, and feelings are vibrationall, it follows that, all the feelings you’re seeking, are good feelings,…high vibrationall feelings.

However, since only like vibrations are compatible, then only in those times when you feel good, will you be compatible with the vibrationall nature of your desire. In very simplistic terms we can say that,…you must first feel the good you’re hoping to attract or create. You must first feel what you hope to become. This is why feelings of love, joy, happiness and optimism, are all the most creative feeling states to be in.

Success must first feel good, or who would want it?

The fact that success does feel good, speaks volumes to those who would listen. Success is a process of moving from one good feeling thought, word, or action, to the next, in succession throughout your life.

The foundations of all success are the highest feelings, which draw from universal sources, everything which is a vibrationall match to what you have been “emotionally broadcasting.”

Trying to create good outcomes, or establish your success on a foundation of negativity, is like spinning your tires on a patch of ice, you don’t go very far.