Changing Your Mood

Altering your mood once you’ve been overcome with negativity, can be a challenge. Your emotions are similar to a ladder, in that it’s not possible to move up or down the ladder more than a few rungs at a time.

If you feel depressed or angry, you would probably like to find some relief, and return to your more normal state of being. Possibly you don’t know how to accomplish this feat, with any degree of ease. In this post I will give you just a few pointers, which will allow you to return to your normal self in less time, than it might otherwise take you.

Your first goal is to identify the thought(s) which is causing your distress,this is crucial. Knowing which thoughts caused your current emotional state, will allow you to avoid repeating those thoughts.

The second goal is to de-stress by taking deep breaths which will help you relax. Don’t hyperventilating, just let the breaths out in a way that feels relaxing. Do this until you feel some relief. If you know how to meditate, then do that also, until you feel emotionally neutral.

Lastly,once your emotionally neutral, then you can proceed to visualize anything of a positive, desirable nature. Specifically, something that you find joyful, and would like to manifest.

Quicksand, and poison ivy are both nasty stuff. When you accidentally encounter them, do you avoid them, or do you repeatedly return to them over and over?

When it comes to negativity, you should avoid it as much as possible, and not return to those thoughts which created your foul mood. Substitute some desirable thought, for some undesirable one, and try to maintain your focus there.

One last thing I’d like to mention, these are useful techniques, but they are not a substitute for understanding yourself.