Our Children

Why are our children so revered in society? How many times have you heard the phrase “children are our future?”

Besides the fact that they are our own flesh and blood, they represent our future. So far, nothing I’ve said is new, or has ruffled any feathers, but hang on,… it’s coming.

“Here is what we are really thinking, but not saying.”

Ya, we have screwed things up pretty well in society, and with all we know, we could, if we had any real ambition, compassion, and morality, start to reverse the damage we’ve created, however,… being the weak-minded, ego driven, immoral person that I am, I think I’ll just let someone far younger and less experienced inherit this problem, and let them come up with a solution. That way I won’t have to change a damn thing in my life.

That is why we revere our children, we desire and expect them to do what we won’t and can’t!

“I’m telling it like it is. Can you own it, or are you looking around for a scapegoat?”

By the way,…the positive side to what I just told you is that, you’re lazy apathetic streak, is now revealed to you, and you can now take action on it.

It’s great to be positive isn’t it?