Tell Me About God

I like to teach people about God. I wish someone could have explained these ideas to me when I was looking for them, but I had to source them out from endless sources myself, and put all the  pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together, until I had a larger portion of the picture.

Ecclesiastical authorities get their egos bent out of shape when unrecognized, unauthorized, ideas about God come to the forefront of society. Do you think they might have some kind of vested interest in resisting certain ideas? Let’s start at the beginning with a simple question,

Q: What is God?
A: God is everything, everything,…”everything!” Are you getting this answer? The answer is simple, don’t try to clutter it up. God is everything literally, figuratively, and every other way. Is God this, is God that, is God the next thing? The answer is yes. God is everything, everything, “everything.” By the way, look up the definition of everything!

Q: What is God like?
A: Well, because God “is everything,” God is “like everything.

Q: Can I see God?
A: Statistically speaking, no! Most people can’t see God because they don’t really know what God is. Could you pick an individual out of a crowd who you’d never seen before? Once you know what God is, you’ll see God everywhere. God is not lost, it is only lost to your mind. Once your mind has come to grips with what God is, then the only way you can not see God, is to close your eyes!

Q: What is God’s nature?
A: God is energy with intelligence, which has formed itself into consciousness. This means God is self-aware, self-directed, and self-created. God is both “all that is,” and “everything that is.” The intelligent energy of God values itself, regardless of the form it takes on, therefore, we can say this valuing of self, implies benevolence, or what we call a loving nature. God values what it is, and what it becomes. Therefore, God and love, are the basis of all created, and still to be created reality.

Q: Is God vengeful?
A: All of creation is energy based. Energy can not be destroyed or created because “it exists as God itself.” Thoughts are energy, and are vibrationally based and represented. Vengeance is part of the polarity principle which God uses amongst lower forms of consciousness, in order to create a specific learning environment. The idea of vengeance is useful at our level, in that it becomes another option to either choose or discard. God however, has no need at the highest level of creation, to learn anything, because God knows all.

Q: Does god hate sin?
A: This is similar to the previous question. Try to understand, that God neither feels threatened by anything, nor can it be threatened by anything. God is everything, and so “the idea of God threatening itself is silly.” God is everything, so at the highest level of reality, Sin is the idea of God intentionally interfering with its own plans. Not something one would attribute to a perfect, and faultless entity.

Q: This is not what I have been taught about God.
A: Hey,… I am sorry you wasted so much of your time learning something else, I feel for you.

Q: Was Christ God?
A: If you have to ask that question, you still don’t understand the concept that God is everything, and everyone?

Q: Is the bible the word of God?
A: The bible cannot be a container for the knowledge and truth of God, for the reason that God’s truth (knowledge), is not understandable at our level of reality. Do you understand Einstein’s theory of relativity? This is just a tiny fraction of God’s knowledge. Putting God’s truth in the bible would make it in comprehensible to us. The bible contains watered down thought systems and values, which are barely understandable to humanity. Again, I will say that because God is everything, the bible has to contain the words of God, however, they are not necessarily the vibrationaly highest words, nor are they the last words of God.

Q: How can I know any of this is true?
A: Once you know that God is everything, then you’ll understand that all thoughts reside within God, and one is just as real as the next. It’s not about what is true or real, it’s all true and all real because it’s all God. It’s about which thoughts, vibrate to the highest reality of God, and which truth and feelings are you able to understand, and incorporate into your personality, at this point in time?

Q: This seems like an over simplification to me.
A: yes,…. it does doesn’t it. I hear you and sympathize with you. “Simplicity is a complicated thing to try to deal with,” isn’t it?