God is constant change. There exists no such reality as “vibration in the absence of change.” The idea of a stagnant vibration is an oxymoron.

Within that which is the Creator, the dominant state of reality is the void, that which is yet to be, the rest is represented as vibration which brings about change. One cannot avoid the design of creation, they can only resist it or flow with it. People seek to change what they don’t like or want, and seek to extend what they do like and need.

This action however, is a personal preference, which sometimes intrudes on the rights and freedoms of others. Conflict arises when shared interests between people become subject to change. One person is in favor of change, while the other is resistant to, or totally against any form of change. Freedom for yourself should never be achieved at the expense of another person’s freedom. Of course this scenario would not be existent if, one person were not trying to force their will on another person, thereby restricting their personal freedom in some manner.

Obviously there is no personal growth in the absence of change, and no expansion of consciousness either. Fighting change is equal to fighting the design of the universe, it is pointless. A better use of our energy and time would be spent adapting to change. When change is gradual, people generally can cope rather well with it, they can see it coming, they can plan for it, and adapt to it slowly. When change comes overnight, such as in the form of a natural disaster, or the death of a loved one, or a terminated relationship, it can negatively impact people, for an extended period of time.

What attitude then, best serves us with regards to change? Well, one can never fully prepared themselves for every twist and turn of fate, but we can look at change with an expectant attitude that, change is paving the way for something better in our lives, in the form of “knowledge or something physical.” It is important to remember that we have “physicality” to improve the mental side of ourselves, not the other way around.

This means generally speaking that, the greatest benefits you’ll reap from change, will be predominantly mental benefits.